Verš 10:16

Rci: „Kdyby Bůh chtěl, nebyl bych vám sdělil tento Korán a nebyl by vám dal o něm vědění. Vždyť strávil jsem mezi vámi život svůj celý již předtím. Což rozumnými nebudete?“

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

Say: ‘If God had willed I would not have recited it to you, nor would He have made it known to you, [nor] would He have made you aware of it (the lā [of wa-lā adrākum] is for negation, and is a supplement to what preceded; a variant reading has the lām [sc. la-adrākum, ‘He would have made it known to you’] as the response to the [conditional] law, ‘if’, in other words, He would have made it known to you by the tongue of someone other than myself). For I have already dwelt among you a [whole] lifetime, of forty years, before this [Qur’ān], not relating to you anything [of the sort], so will you not understand?’, that this [Qur’ān] is not from myself?