Verš 2:103

Kdyby byli uvěřili a byli bohabojní, věru by byla odměna Boží lepší – kéž by to byli věděli!

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

Yet if only they, the Jews, had believed, in the Prophet and the Qur’ān, and been fearful, of God’s chastisement, by abandoning acts of disobedience towards Him, such as sorcery (the response to the [conditional clause beginning with] law, ‘if’, has been omitted, [but it is intimated to be] ‘they would have been rewarded’, and this is indicated by [His following words]) verily, a reward from God would have been better, than that for which they sold themselves, if they had but known, that this is better they would not have preferred that over this (la-mathūbatun, ‘verily the reward’, is the subject; the lām is that of oaths; and min ‘indi’Llāhi khayrun, ‘from God, would have been better’, is the predicate).