Verš 2:115

Bohu náleží východ i západ, a ať se obrátíte kamkoliv, všude je tvář Boží. A Bůh věru je všezahrnující, vševědoucí!

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

The following was revealed either when the Jews criticised the change of the direction of prayer [qibla], or concerning the supererogatory prayers on animal-back during journeys, which one may pray in any direction: To God belong the East and the West, that is, the entire earth, because these two [directions] represent both sides of it [the earth]; whithersoever you turn, your faces in prayer by His command, there is the Face of God, the direction of prayer with which He is pleased. Lo! God is Embracing, His bounty embracing all things, Knowing, how to manage His creation.