Verš 2:119

Seslali jsme tě s pravdou jako hlasatele zvěsti radostné i jako varovatele, však nebudeš zodpovědný za ty, kdož pekla obyvateli budou.

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

We have sent you, Muhammad (s), with the truth, the guidance, a bearer of good tidings, of Paradise, for those who respond to this [guidance], and warner, of the Fire, to those who do not respond to it. You shall not be asked about the inhabitants of Hell-fire, that is, about why the disbelievers did not believe, for your responsibility is only to deliver the Message (a variant reading of lā tus’al is lā tas’al, ‘do not ask’, with the final apocopation of the vowel on account of it being an imperative).