Verš 22:15

Kdo se domnívá, že Bůh mu nepomůže v životě pozemském ani v životě budoucím, nechť natáhne provaz až do nebe, pak ať jej přeřízne a potom nechť pohlédne, zda jeho úklad odstranil to, co jej rozhněvalo.

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

Whoever supposes that God will not help him, namely, Muhammad (s) His Prophet, in this world and the Hereafter, let him extend a rope to the ceiling, [to] the roof of his house, fixing it there and [tying it] to his neck, and let him hang himself, that is, let him choke to death because of it, by severing his soul from [any existence on] the earth, as [reported] in the [various] Sahīh compilations. Then let him see whether his strategy, against the Prophet being helped, dispels that which enrages him, about it. In other words, let him choke to death with rage because of it, for it is inevitable.