Verš 23:14

Potom jsme z kapky semene hmotu přilnavou stvořili a z hmoty přilnavé jsme kousek masa učinili; a z kousku masa jsme kosti stvořili a kosti jsme masem obalili. A potom jsme mu v druhém stvoření vzniknout dali.2874 Požehnán buď Bůh, nejlepší ze stvořitelů!

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

Then We transformed the drop [of semen] into a clot, congealed blood. Then We transformed the clot into a [little] lump of flesh (mudgha), a piece of flesh, about the size of what one would be able to chew (mā yumdagh). Then We transformed the lump of flesh into bones. Then We clothed the bones with flesh (a variant reading in both instances [instead of the plurals ‘izāman and al-‘izāma, ‘the bones’] is [singular] ‘azman [and ‘al-‘azma], ‘the bone’; and in all three instances above khalaqnā, means ‘We made it become’ [as opposed to ‘We created’]). Then We produced him as [yet] another creature, by breathing into him [Our] Spirit. So blessed be God, the best of creators!, that is, [the best of] determiners (the specificier noun for ahsana, ‘the best’, has been omitted because it is obvious: khalqan, ‘in terms of creation’).