Verš 23:20

a také stromu, jenž z hory Sinaje vzchází a jenž olej a šťávu dává, pro obživu pojídajících.

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

And, We produced, a tree that grows on Mount of Sinai (read Sīnā’ or Saynā’, indeclinable as it is a proper noun with the feminine ending denoting a location) that produces (read either as tunbitu from the fourth form [anbata], or as tanbutu from the trilateral form [nabata]) oil (bi’l-duhni: in the case of the former [reading of tunbitu] the bā’ [bi-] here would be extra, whereas in the case of the second [reading of tanbutu], it would be [a preposition needed] for the transitive) — and this [tree] is the olive tree, and seasoning for those who eat (wa-sibghin li’l-ākilīna, a supplement to bi’l-duhni, ‘oil’, [that is to say] it is [like] a dye that colours a morsel dipped in it) — and this [seasoning] is the [olive] oil.