Verš 3:161

Nesluší se na proroka, aby zpronevěřoval, však ten, kdo podvádí, přinese to, co zpronevěřil, v den zmrtvýchvstání. A potom duše každá obdrží cenu toho, co si vysloužila, a nebude nikomu ukřivděno.

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

When some red velvet cloth went missing on the Day of Badr and some people began to say, ‘Perhaps the Prophet took it’, the following was revealed: It is not for a prophet to be fraudulent (an yaghulla, a variant reading has the passive an yughalla, meaning to attribute ghulūl, ‘fraud’, to him), to be treacherous with regard to the spoils, so do not presume this of him; whoever defrauds shall bring what he has defrauded on the Day of Resurrection, carrying it around his neck; then every soul, the fraudulent and the otherwise, shall be paid in full, the requital of, what it has earned, [what] it has done, and they shall not be wronged, a single thing.