Verš 3:168

A to jsou ti, kdož řekli o bratřích svých, zatímco sami se neúčastnili: „Kdyby nás byli poslechli, nebyli by zabiti.“ Rci: „Odežeňte tedy od sebe smrt, jste-li pravdomluvní!“

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

Those who (alladhīna substitutes for the previous alladhīna, or constitutes an adjectival qualification [of it]) said to their brothers, in religion, whilst they themselves, had, stayed put, [refraining] from [joining] the struggle, ‘Had they, the martyrs at Uhud or those who stayed put with us, obeyed us, they would not have been slain’. Say, to them: ‘Then avert, ward off, death from yourselves, if you speak the truth’, in that staying put delivers one from it [sc. from death].