Verš 3:172

A z těch, kdo odpověděli na výzvu Boha a posla poté, co byli utrpěli zranění – těm, kdož dobré konali a bohabojní byli, dostane se odměny nesmírné.

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

Those who (alladhīna, is the subject) responded to God and the Messenger, [to] his call to set out for battle: when Abū Sufyān and his companions wanted to resume [hostilities] they agreed with the Prophet (s) that the encounter would be at the [annual] market-fair of Badr a year from the date of Uhud; after the wounds had afflicted them, at Uhud — (the predicate of the subject [alladhīna] is [what follows]) for all those who were virtuous, by obeying him, and feared, to disobey him, shall be a great wage, namely, Paradise.