Verš 3:178

Nechť si ti, kdož nevěří, nemyslí, že odklad, který jsme jim povolili, je pro ně dobrý; povolili jsme jim odklad jen proto, aby hříchy své ještě rozmnožili, a je očekává trest zahanbující.

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

And let not the disbelievers suppose (read lā yahsabanna, ‘let them not suppose’, or lā tahsabanna, ‘do not suppose’) that what We indulge them in, that is, [that] Our indulging [them], in extending their [terms of] life and deferring them [their death], is better for their souls (in the case of the reading yahsabanna, ‘let them [not] suppose’, anna [of anna-mā] and its two operators stand in place of the two objects, but only in place of the second in the case of the other reading [tahsabanna], ‘do [not] suppose’). We grant them indulgence, We give [them] respite, only that they may increase in sinfulness, through frequent disobedience, and theirs is a humbling chastisement, one of humiliation, in the Hereafter.

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