Verš 43:13

abyste se na jejich hřbetech usadili a pak si vzpomněli na dobrodiní Pána svého, když na nich pevně sedíte, a abyste říkali: „Sláva tomu, jenž nám toto vše podrobil, vždyť my sami dosáhnout toho schopni bychom nebyli!

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

that you may sit, that you may find a firm position, upon their backs (He has made the [suffixed] pronoun a masculine plural and rendered zahr, ‘back’, plural because of the particle mā and its [plural] import); and then remember your Lord’s grace when you are settled on them, and say, ‘Glory be to Him Who has disposed this for us, and we [by] ourselves were no match for it, [not] capable [of it].