Verš 8:12

A hle, Pán tvůj vnukl andělům: „Jsem s vámi, podpořte tedy ty, kdož uvěřili! Já vrhnu do srdcí těch, kdož nevěří, hrůzu a vy bijte je po šíjích a bijte je po všech prstech!“

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

When your Lord inspired the angels, with whom He reinforced the Muslims, [saying]: ‘I am with you, with assistance and victorious help, so make the believers stand firm, by helping [them] and giving [them] good tidings. I shall cast terror, fear, into the hearts of the disbelievers; so smite above the necks, that is, the heads, and smite of them every finger!’, that is, [smite] the extremities of their hands and feet: thus, when one of them went to strike an disbeliever’s head, it would roll off before his sword reached it. The Prophet (s) threw a handful of pebbles against them and every single idolater was struck in his eye, and thus they were defeated.

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