Verš 9:38

Vy, kteří věříte! Co je s vámi, že když je vám řečeno: „Vytáhněte do boje na cestě Boží!“, jste jako přikováni k zemi? Což se vám líbí více život na tomto než na onom světě? Vždyť užívání života pozemského je nepatrné oproti užívání v životě budoucím!

Tafsir al-Jalalayn

When the Prophet (s) summoned men for the Tabūk campaign, and they thought it too burdensome, because of the hardship and the extreme heat from which they were suffering, the following was revealed: O you who believe, what is wrong with you that, when it is said to you, ‘Go forth in the way of God,’ you sink down heavily (iththāqaltum: the original tā’ [of tathāqaltum] has been assimilated with the thā’, and the conjunctive hamza has been supplied), in other words, you hesitate and are disinclined to [participate in] the struggle, to the ground, to stay sitting upon it? (the interrogative is meant as a rebuke). Are you so content with the life of this world, and its delights, rather than with the Hereafter?, that is, in place of its bliss? Yet the enjoyment of the life of this world is, in, comparison with the enjoyment of, the Hereafter but little, trivial.